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Supervisor Training

As Workers’ compensation has become increasingly complicated and costly over the years, it is essential for all Supervisors, Human Resource Managers, and Safety Personnel to understand basic terminology, and compliance requirements.

Comp1One offers free on-site education for supervisors and other individuals who manage employees. Training can be customized to include triage protocol with answers to these important questions:

  • Who do I call if my employee is injured on-the-job?
  • What is considered a work injury?
  • Where do I send my injured worker for treatment?
  • How do I file and complete a report?
  • Why did the accident occur?
  • What is the supervisor’s role?
  • What are smart strategies in workers’ compensation management?

Having an educated work staff improves morale and reduces claims costs. From directing medical care, to selecting a panel of preferred healthcare providers, to keeping in touch with injured worker after an injury occurs, to understanding the cost and causes – effective communication is an essential key in the training process.

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