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Nurse Case Management

Comp1One provides comprehensive nurse case management for clients across Alabama, Southern Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. Our dedicated team works with all forms of industry and is experienced with managing minor injuries to catastrophic case management claims.

Nurse case management is considered a “best practice” in helping to direct treatment, manage medical costs, and reduce disability durations by providing appropriate care and returning employees to work. Studies show total loss dollars are reduced by double-digit percentages with injured workers returning to work sooner.

Benefits of Comp1One’s Case Management include:

  • Experienced and Certified Case Managers who continually monitor, assess, and evaluate injured workers during recovery and return to work. The injured worker receives 24 hour nurse support for medical information and physician referrals.
  • Unique relationships with the local medical community and well-informed network providers. Evaluate cost-effective and medically appropriate treatment plans to facilitate Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and safe return to work.
  • Collaboration with the Claims Adjuster, Employer, Physician and Ancillary Providers to expedite treatment, recovery, communication, and return to work.
  • Assistance with the implementation and design of light duty, alternate work, and other injury management objectives to minimize lost work days and control costs.
  • Evaluation of the rehabilitation needs of the injured worker.

Key Results

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower Costs
  • Fewer Lost Time Days
  • Faster Return to Work
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Reduction in Administrative Work

Comp1One offers a menu of competitive rate plans for case management services. Also, you are welcome to view our Practice Standards.

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