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Bill Review / Repricing

Comp1One Bill Review and Bill Repricing services offer maximum cost saving benefits through the Comp1One network and injury management team. Comp1One provides these services to Insurance Carriers, Third-Party Administrators, Self-Administered Employer, and Self-Insured Employer groups. Comp1One is certified through the State of Alabama for Bill Screening and Utilization Review.

Bill Review includes:

  • Examination of redundant charges and/or duplicate billings
  • Review of charge groupings based on ICD or CPT coding
  • Review of diagnosis as compared to work injury claim

Bill Repricing includes:

  • Reduction of fees through network discount arrangements
  • Final review for appropriate fee reduction
  • Explanation of benefits with supporting documentation
  • Annual Fee Schedule Updates


  • Significant cost savings
  • Administrative Support
  • Provider Billing Support Services

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